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What is this all about?

This blog is just an easy way to have a centralized webiste for the documentation of the Herschel’s IRTAG project.

The Herscel’s IRTAG project is an attempt to create a fully functional “laser tag” game.

This will involve building the hardware and writing the software but also creating game modes that combine fun, strategy and some research about real commando operations.

We have been greatly influenced by the miles tag system but we are trying to create our own protocol, our own hardware design and our own game modes.

We are also in great debt to the documentation (and at the momment compiler) of the arduino project but we are using the Atmega168 microcontroller as our main building point.

In this blog we will link all the source code as well as all the hardware designs. Everything is and will always be freelly available to everyone. We are considering the licenses still but expect nothing less than GPL2 for software and some kind of CC for designs. Everything written on the blog should be licensed with some sort of CC by the way. We will work that out soon.

Apart from all the technic mumbo jumbo we will also talk briefly about the joys of, C, programing microcontrolers, and shooting friends with IR beams.

We think we can work in a weekly schedule and we’ll try to post weekly or often but please feel free to subscribe to the RSS feed just in case.

In upcoming posts:

US army battlefield manuals, the first working prototype and some general knowledge about water pistols. Just to force myself to write them.