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Herschel’s IRTAG at sourceforge

Today I’ve been doing some burocratic work the project is proudly hosted at sourceforge.

Not that you are going to find there a lot, though.

I am still trying to figure out how to set some kind of work in progress relase, some kind of “nightly builds” because the project, of course, is not ready at for a release schedule.

We would have a hard time just numering the relases.

In fact, in our case Relase early relase often is more What, a relase already?

Of course is deserted right now, and we are sure it will keep that way for some time but we also have a forum there and we will surely have a wiki.

It’s too early for any of this stuff to have some content yet, but I wanted to write this post just in case someone, sometime, feels curious about how that project started.

Also, as promissed, Herschel’s IRTAG has licenses. Lots, two in fact.

GPL for the code and CC by-sha for erverything else.

Again, just in case some time traveler comes here wondering… “Can I do that little thing that the CC license does not permit me to do” just contact us and ask. We don’t know yet it you can do it.

The CC license is quite open anyway.