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Project update

Yesterday I promissed to update the code.

I’ve been able to do it, after some effort.

You can check the last version in the herschel’s svn.

We have some work to do in the immediate future:

  • Create a referee gun with the arduino board we bought yesterday from tuxbrain.
  • Decide how to integrate audio with the current hardware
  • Release designs of the boards
  • create some informative sections in the blog. Roadmap, TODO list maybe even create easy links for the first posts on the blog that explain what the project is about.
  • Make the posts both in Spanish and English.
  • Maybe even create an easier to read design for the blog.

In the not so long future we are working in getting our second batch of replicas done and figuring how to get and give more benefit to the community, for example being able to get help from other programmers and also being able to  help other people that would like to build their own replicas.