LiquidCrystal is starting up properly, at last!

As any arduino developer that worked with LCD displays would now the LCD initialization is a pain in the ass.

The LiquidCrystal library that came with the arduino files until arduino-16 did not propperly initialize all liquid crystal displays.

The supplied LiquidCrystal library with arduino-17 which solved those issues did not work for us (I’ll leave the technical details out, just believe me on that).

We knew the root of the problem and we had some ideas on how to solve that but it was not until I found this magnific post from Ed that I did not get it to work.

This post is just to say thanks. Kudos. I owe you one and all that.

Yeah, that FLOSS thing is quite great.


nice IDE, what do you do tonight?

The batteries work and the system is almost ready to be embedded in some kind of toy.

Here you can see the lens case hanging from our wonderful IDE cable.

We choose IDE because it’s quite cheep and it’s also great looking, all futuristic looking weapons should have IDE cable’s hanging from them!

Irtag power source

We recently bought two sets of two 3.7v batteries at dealextreme.

We’ve had a surprise when we discovered the size of the batteries. Here’s a photo of them.

We where expecting regular sized AA batteries. I know, it’s our fault, nothing said it should be that way.

Anyway, they are charging and we expect that they will work great.

wrapped up to go

All our testing hardwar fits inside this box.

I’ve had “the box” all of august and now I am packing it and delivering to the other half of the team.

Hopefully next time we have pictures of the boards they will fit in a much smaller box.

Back from the summer holidays

We’ve been on holidays but we haven’t left the project completely behind.

Between July and August we’ve come frome here:

To here:

We plan on having the alpha prototypes within a month!

Project status update

We have placed the order for the final components of the phase 3 prototype of the IRTAG weapons.

The phase 3 prototypes should be “production ready” and they should be, if everything works as expected almost equal to the final thing.

The software suffered (no better word to describe it) a major upgrade taking advantage of the OOP that c++ is capable of.

We started programing only “sequecial” code in fear of the lack of ROM and RAM space but since we are quite ok with space we just decided to rewrite almost everything.

We have almost final hardware specifications and component list. We only need to decide for the final layout of the board.

We can not give any dates yet, and maybe we will be silent for august but the project is steadily progressing and today it’s just a step closer to complention.

sourceforge SVN: That shouldn’t be so difficult

Subversion is a blessing. Subversion is good.

But finished hating it in the last couple of days.

I’ve been struggling to create a SVN repository from the files already uploaded to the herschel’s IRTAG project at sourceforge.

From was the problem.

I’ll try to explain the right process to get the SVN repository working. I’ll leave all the pain aside and all the failures and desperation. Just believe me in one thing:

– Don’t try to create a SVN repository from the uploaded files on your project.

Now, the do’s.

  1. Create a project at sourceforge.
  2. From your project main page. go to Feature Settings (Project Admin > Feature Settings ) and activate the subversion feature. It may be activated by default, I don’t remember that after all that switching on and off.
  3. Find a good SVN client (kdesvn or TortoiseSVN, for example). I use Jedit as my main editor, it has a plugin that should handle SVN but one of my problems has been rellying on it. The interface of that plugin and I just don’t match.
  4. Forget about any file that you already uploaded.
  5. Upload all your project files using the appropriate connection. For example: and user and password (change herschelsirtag for your project name).
  6. Work with this files and once you have something to relase make a nice package and upload everything to sourceforge.

You can chek the repository here: