SVN round 2!

Yesterday I promised to upload the code. Today, I am struggling, again, with svn.

The other time I tried Josep suggested using GIT but I overread something about it and seemed that It wasn’t easier for me to start with it from scratch so I installed the svn console client (I had some experience with it some time ago).

I’m writing this as a reminder to myself and also as an uncomplete and not to clear guide for anyone having trouble with svn and sourceforge.

My steps, on a ubnut box are:

1. install svn

sudo aptitude install subversion

2. create a folder to contain the code

svnadmin create repo

3. Import the code to sourceforge

svn import -m 'your comment on the import'

I’m not sure if that is what was needed but this way the folder I created got associated with the svn repository.

4. download the already available code

svn update

5. make any changes you have to make. In my case the changes consisted in moving all the code I had to a folder inside the folder created in step 2. This is not the way to work in SVN. You should not use numbered folders like we do.

You can check info like that by typing svn info in the folder where the repository is.

6. add the files you create to the repository

svn add filename

7. commit them

svn ci -m 'comment'

From now on you should be able to upload code by making svn commit and retrieve it by making svn checkout.

By the way, I haven’t found the option to ftp upload in sourceforge. The old traditional ftp upload. If anyone knows where it is please let me know. I don’t know why but I always get lost in sourceforge, their interface design and my mind work differently and everytime I get a little glimpse of how it should work they redesign the website. Yes, it takes me a long time to figure how the website work.

Btw, the last version of the code should be uploaded to the svn right now but i’ll give it a dedicated post just to make it clearer.

  1. March 14th, 2010

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