Herschel’s Irtag at “workshop sobre arduinos”

Today the whole Herschel’s Irtag team (the two of us) has assisted to the arduino workshop made in collaboration between tuxbrain and null-lab at cerdanyola’s casal jove la gresca.

We had the opportunity to assist to a really friendly workshop and we also had the opportunity to speak briefly about our project.

We are suprised and really happy about the warm reception our project had and we are confident that there’s an oportunity for our project to grow outside our circle of friends.

We have also noticed that we should make an effort to better document our project and to publicize it.

We are going to upload a working version of the code tomorrow tops. We promise. Really.

Right now we are working on the audio part of our project and we are aiming to get a modular hardware for it.

Basically we want to have a dedicated artmega microcontroller with the audio part of the hardware that can communicate with our current main board.

But anyway it’s to early to be sure if that would be the way to go so we are wating to decide if we are embeding the sound in our main board or putting it appart before releasing the designs*.

It’s not that we don’t want to release them, is that we never had them in any digital format.

Again, thanks to all the people involved in the workshop and expect to hear more from us as late as tomorrow.

  1. March 14th, 2010

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