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940th IRborne

Together with the effort to build the infrared “guns” we started putting together a group to play with. We started some months ago playing with water pistols and, although we are looking forward to the infrared guns we are having a great time.

Trodarlf, one of the team members, has created a logo for our team.

We can’t wait to proudly display it in the field once we have our prototypes working.


Infrared web cam

To test the dispersion of our beam of light we build ourselves an infrared cammera following the instructions found here.

We’ve been able to see our beam of light in a white wall like this:

The beam does not have a lot of distorsion, here is quite difficult to appreciate because of the lack of reference, but we get a “dot” of more or less 20 cm of diameter at 12 meters with the lenses we are working right now.

Unfortunately our lenses are very bad and we’ll need better lenses and in bigger quantities soon.

We are looking for some flat for one side convex at the other 3cm diameter lens.

The problem we are finding is that we do not know in which kind of shop buy “spare lenses”. So if anyone fins this post sometime and know the answer please leave us a comment.

Thanks future guy!

PD having a web cam that can record in the dark only illuminated by a TV remote control is quite cool.