Water pistol, water gun, water blaster, whatever…

The IRTAG project attempts something more than writting software and building hardware.

Amognst the main driving forces that pushed us to start this project was, simply, that we wanted to play “commandos”.

We thought about airsoft but our nerd selves where quite more inclined to something more techie (and less painful) as laser tag.

But once we started talking about the project with our friends we had the sudden urge to start shooting each other at he momment.

Of course we do not have any prototype yet so we just searched another way to have some fun in the meantime.

We thought about water guns and, fortunately, the internet knows all that is to know about water guns, and it’s all here: www.isoaker.com

We spent some hours reading about the different technologies behind water guns  and we decided to make two balanced teams with the heavy weapon on each one would be a Constant Presure System with good capacity and some (at least) air pressure with lesser capacity.

We settled for Super Soaker Aquashock Arctic Blast and Water Warriors Sting Ray.

We found the Stingray quite cheap at Toys ‘R Us mainly because Toys ‘R Us is relabeling Water Warriors blasters with it’s own brand and selling them cheaper. At least in Spain.

I really recommend both blasters. The Arctic blast is really fun to use, mainly because of its “full blast” feature (it empties all the water in the pressure chamber in just one shot) and the stingray is a very good blaster by it’s size and price.

I could write a lot about what I learned about water weapons but it would not be better explained than it already is on isoaker so I encourage those of you willing to know more about the subject to spend more hours than you have reading about it.  This is why the internet was created for!

By the way we had a very fun time!

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