sourceforge SVN: That shouldn’t be so difficult

Subversion is a blessing. Subversion is good.

But finished hating it in the last couple of days.

I’ve been struggling to create a SVN repository from the files already uploaded to the herschel’s IRTAG project at sourceforge.

From was the problem.

I’ll try to explain the right process to get the SVN repository working. I’ll leave all the pain aside and all the failures and desperation. Just believe me in one thing:

– Don’t try to create a SVN repository from the uploaded files on your project.

Now, the do’s.

  1. Create a project at sourceforge.
  2. From your project main page. go to Feature Settings (Project Admin > Feature Settings ) and activate the subversion feature. It may be activated by default, I don’t remember that after all that switching on and off.
  3. Find a good SVN client (kdesvn or TortoiseSVN, for example). I use Jedit as my main editor, it has a plugin that should handle SVN but one of my problems has been rellying on it. The interface of that plugin and I just don’t match.
  4. Forget about any file that you already uploaded.
  5. Upload all your project files using the appropriate connection. For example: and user and password (change herschelsirtag for your project name).
  6. Work with this files and once you have something to relase make a nice package and upload everything to sourceforge.

You can chek the repository here:

    • Josep
    • December 15th, 2009

    Sourceforge has git support. Why you would use svn having git? Other than that, congratulations, and please, bigger fonts :)

  1. March 14th, 2010

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